Double Ring Women Belt Made Of PU Leather With A Metall Buckle

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A PU-leather belt specially made for women. It has a buckle made of double rings.
The belt looks particularly good on ripped jeans. But it also goes perfectly with a lady's dress, it can be worn over the hips.

The dimensions of the belt are 2.8cm in width and 105cm in length.

It is available in the colors red, black, light brown, white, dark brown and pink. There is also a suede pattern, a black and white zebra pattern, and a snakeskin pattern. We also have copies with black leather and black buckles and brown leather with black buckles.

The material of the belt is not real leather, it is made of polyurethane, abbreviated to PU.
We will have a look around our suppliers to see if this special belt is also made of real leather.

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