Black beer: type of beer with a dark color

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A black beer is, as the name suggests, a type of beer with a dark, almost black color. This is achieved through the use of special malts and the length of the kiln. In the kiln, the green malt is brought to the kiln after the barley germination process has been completed and dried there at rising temperatures. The grains are roasted under the action of hot air, this is called kiln. The kiln malt receives the characteristic malt aroma. The germination process is interrupted at the optimal stage. The barley is now roasted at around 80 ° C, as is done when roasting coffee beans. The result is malt, which develops its very own, very sweet taste. The longer the dried barley remains in the roast, the sweeter and darker the beer will be.
The black beer is a typical drink that comes from the eastern part of Germany and was mainly consumed there. It was first mentioned in documents in the Middle Ages, when it was used as a popular drink and was not only drunk by adults. Because with the rather poor supply of valuable nutrients, beer was a welcome source of calories that children and the sick also appreciated.
However, it must also be mentioned that the alcohol content of the "Braunschweiger Mumme", as the black beer was called at that time, consumed in Thuringia in 1543 probably did not meet today's standards.
The modern black beer is still mainly produced in Thuringia and Saxony and is now delivered to beer lovers all over the world. It has an original wort of 11 to 14 ° P and an alcohol content of 4.8-5%. Comparable to other types of beer. The yeast is bottom-fermented because the fermentation process is carried out at cooler temperatures. The yeast settles on the bottom. One speaks of a bottom-fermenting yeast.
In terms of color, the black beer is 50-60 EBC, so it is very dark. The bitter taste is rather low and is measured at 20 and 30 IBU. The calorie content also corresponds to that of traditional other types of beer and is around 200 calories for 500 ml.
Depending on the type, black beer tastes full-bodied and rather sweet and malty, sometimes even with a slight note of coffee or liquorice.
If you want to try black beer, you should drink it at around 8 ° C. Because then the flavors unfold best on the tongue. The black beer is served in a special glass, which is bulbous and has a thick style. In appearance it resembles a wheat beer glass. It is usually drunk with a typical snack, with hearty dishes such as meat or smoked ham.


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